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Agua de mar Brétema

Bretema Seawater is presented in 3L, 5L and 15L formats using the packing system named “bag in box”. This system guarantees the good state of preservation of its content during 6 weeks after opening, preserving the water organic features. It is a perfect packing design for storage and it is ecological as it is easier to recycle.

Seawater health benefits

* Seawater contains all the elements of the Periodic Table, being a very beneficial substance for our body.

* Not diluted Seawater has antibiotic and antibacterial attributes as well as healing properties. It is very effective when treating small wounds and mucosae inflammation (pharyngitis; oral sores acting as mouthwash, rhinitis and sinusitis acting as nasal wash…)

* It can also be used as a laxative.

* If we dilute 1 part of Seawater in 3 parts of Fresh Water, it will turn into a hydrating saline solution that can be used in case of dehydration caused by gastroenteritis or after doing sports, as its nutrients help muscle recovery.

“Before ingestion in case of a restricted salt diet, we must be aware of its salt content, which is 36 g/l”.

Dr. Teresa Castro Villaverde

Seawater culinary benefits

* Seawater is liquid brine and the natural environment of fish and shellfish. Immerse the fish or shellfish in Seawater for some minutes before cooking; it will take the proper quantity of salt and humidity.

* It is an excellent broth for any type of plate, the best alternative to a fish broth..

* It is ideal for making bakery and pastry dough because of its contain of salt that improves flavour.

Damián Alonso - Studyinfood.com

Table of percentage to use in cooking

Type of food Seawater Fresh water
To drink25% (250 ml/day maximum)75%



Provides a tasty flavour to food from the Sea and from the Land, improving its taste and providing the perfect salt proportion.


Rich in minerals and nutrients, provides more than 80 valuable elements for health and with no chemical additives.

Preserves more and better

Makes food keep its properties unaltered and in perfect condition of use.

100% Galician

BRETEMA Seawater comes from the Galician coast called Costa da Morte, very well-known and famous for its low temperatures and currents from the North and Central Atlantic that provides these Waters with unique attributes


Coido Sabadelle

Coido Sabadelle is a start-up that is located in Vimianzo, a small village in A Coruña province at the savage coast of Costa da Morte. Sabadelle is a tiny refuge in-between the cliffs of this dangerous coast line and it is considered to be Vimianzo’s window to the Sea, the point where this Land touches the rough and ferocious waters of the Atlantic.

This privileged and strategic location gave birth to this entrepreneurial initiative that is based in three basic concepts: the incomparable Vimianzo cuisine, that has its roots in the Celtic Castro’s and Middle-Ages times; the top-quality products not only from the Sea but also from the Land, derived from the special features of this region’s geography and climatology; and appreciation and respect for the natural environment, that is the real and only supplier of the top-quality ingredients for our cuisine. Finally, we work on a R&D&I basis in an effort to continuously study of new natural components and cuisine methods that run away from artifice, improve flavour of old recipes and become part of new plates of modern cuisine.

Otra de las premisas fundamentales que sustenta esta iniciativa es el aprecio y respeto por el medio natural, primer responsable de la calidad de los ingredientes de nuestra cocina. En tercer lugar, y no menos importante, está el trabajo en I+d+i, enfocado al estudio para la incorporación de componentes naturales y métodos de cocina que huyan del artificio, potencien el sabor de las recetas de siempre y sean también la base de nuevos platos en la cocina contemporánea.

COIDO SABADELLE abre al mundo este nuevo producto enfocado a la gastronomía y tiene como misión acercar a tu cocina todo el sabor de la Costa da Morte.


  • Blanco Rajoy 14, 15129 Vimianzo
  • A Coruña - Spain
  • info@augasdemar.com
  • +34 687 44 63 52