The Brétema Sea Water comes from the coastal cliff of the Costa da Morte, whose low temperatures and currents coming from the Central North Atlantic provide these waters with unique characteristics, making Galicia one of the richest marine areas in the world.

Our waters move forming a two-layer circuit. The surface layer leaves the estuaries, due to the contribution of water from the rivers, with lower density and higher temperature, while the lower layer enters the bottom with colder temperature and higher salinity. These exclusive conditions allow Brétema Sea Water to be a great contributor of elements such as: hydrogen, nitrogen, oxygen, magnesium, manganese, sodium, potassium, calcium, iron, phosphorus, fluorine, silica and iodine, which will allow the absorption of the Essential vitamins in the enzymatic processes of the cells, with the consequent benefits for the consumers’ health.


The extraction of Brétema Sea Water is carried out in Sabadelle, a natural area of the Vimianzo municipality, far from any type of industrial contamination. The water is collected in a strategic area protected by the Natura 2000 Network, with a stable “A” water quality, according to the periodic test carried out by INTECMAR.

For this, the weather conditions and the wind pattern are taken into account, taking advantage of the best currents to extract the water, in order to achieve the highest levels of quality.

The water treatment is carried out using a cold microfiltration system, without using any type of chemical additive or solvents, so it reaches the customer maintaining all its properties.


Brétema Sea Water and products made with seawater such as Bravú gin, Starfish beers (Estrela de Mar), Bágoas de Mar tonic or Refix isotonic drink, are available through this website for customers from the Spanish territory.

In addition, Agua de Mar Brétema is distributed through direct sales to customers through our store in Vimianzo and through distribution to HORECA sector (hospitality, restaurant and catering) from the Coido de Sabadelle headquarters. You can also find our products through other distribution channels, among the best professionals from the hospitality and gourmet shops sector.

Contact us by email for shipments to the rest of Europe.

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